About Us

Welcome and thank you for your interest in White Horse Construction.

We have been building since 1995 and are continuing to grow the business. We specialize in constructing and renovating equestrian facilities, indoor arenas, dairy facilities, run-in sheds, carriage houses, and other agricultural buildings.

We bring our Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of skilled craftsmanship and integrity and combine it with today's modern looks and techniques to provide you with the very best construction available.

Here at White Horse Construction we believe in using only the finest materials and are constantly searching for new and innovative designs and products to bring you creative solutions for your individual needs.

We believe the customer's input is crucial to the project and value your ideas and perspectives. By listening carefully to our customer's needs, we integrate their unique ideas into their structure.

Our goal is always to bring you as the client the best available and have you be happy with the final result. We are dedicated to doing what is needed to get it there.





Our Valued Partners/Subcontractors

White Horse Construction employs a strategic approach to ensure the highest quality and expertise in every aspect of your structure. Recognizing the complexity and diverse skill sets required in turn-key construction, White Horse Construction collaborates with specialized professionals for some aspects of the project. Their meticulous selection of subcontractors ensures that each element of the construction process is handled by professionals with the specific knowledge and experience needed, ultimately contributing to the overall success and excellence of their construction projects.